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Friday, August 15, 2014
I am very proud of a new site Poppies has had the privilege to design and set up.

It isn't just that I think the site looks nice, though it is my own layout design and I am also proud of that... it is who it is for that makes me so proud of this site.

I have worked for nearly 8 years for Reece's Rainbow and the facilitation team headed by one man in particular, is literally the most amazing fac team one could ever hope to work with when doing international adoption. Whilst they do all adoptions, even typical children, Serge's team have done more to help the waiting children on Reece's Rainbow and really the entire adoption program in Ukraine than anyone.

Not to diminish all the very hard work all of us who work with Reece's Rainbow do, I am so proud of the entire team and our brilliant founder. Serge and the facilitation team are on the front lines, finding and listing these children who otherwise would be unknown, invisible. But they have worked hard to find and list and make visible and given a voice to the hundreds of children (well, over 1000 in fact!) who have found homes through Reece's Rainbow.

So to be asked to design the website for Hand of Help in Adoption, it was an honour and a joy to do this for them! I am thrilled to be able to share them with you! Be sure to visit Hand of Help in Adoption!
Visit now on your smartphone!

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