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Monday, October 6, 2014
Just received notice from the team that the Boyer's can travel now!!
They have been on hold as the children they hoped to adopt were in a region closed down because of the civil unrest. The children they hope to adopt were transferred to another region because of the fighting, but their paperwork was not so they were not adoptable.
The team has been working with the regional people to get paperwork done so they can be adopted.

This family has been through SO much!
They were in process to adopt from Russia, had met their child and then the ban was put into place, they were heartbroken.
They switched countries and are ready to go, but funds are not there yet as fundraising slowed down once the kids were not available. They have been praying and waiting for the time when they could go travel and it is HERE!!!

PLEASE share their fsp and help them get funded!
They need their fsp to read at least $15,000 to travel!
They just got a big donation and they only need $5,000 to be fully funded!!
Their fsp needs to read $20,000!! they are so close!
We can do it!!!!
God Bless!

you can donate here! it is tax deductible!!!
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Mum said...

I am so happy to hear the Boyers can now travel. I have been watching their adoptions, and praying this one goes through!!