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Friday, July 21, 2017
Dear adoptive or potential adoptive parents,
I would like to speak to anyone who wishes to host/adopt from Ukraine.
I have heard of some attempts of threatening of adoptive families.
That is why I want to repeat again:
1.    Hosting and adoption are two different processes;
2.    Hosting and adoption are held by different organizations;
3.    It is a FREE choice of the family who they go with doing hosting and it is a FREE choice of the family who they go with for an adoption. These are two DIFFERENT processes.
4.    The family is not obligated to do their adoption with a facilitator who was proposed by a hosting organization or an adoption agency. The family makes this choice on their own based on their own previous successful experience, good review on internet, friend’s advice, BBB, etc.
5.    Any threatening and blackmailing from any facilitator, any hosting organization, any adoption agency to use them to complete your adoption is ILLEGAL.
6.     No one facilitator, no one adoption agency, no one hosting organization has power to cause problems to your adoption process.
7.    Any child you wish to adopt can be adopted by a Ukrainian family, can be taken by a foster Ukrainian family or say “No” to you. But no one facilitator has the power to stop or delay or cancel these actions done by an official authority.
8.    If you are threatened by anyone you can complain to US embassy or the SDA in the Ministry of Social Policy.  PLEASE do this as this is the only way to stop it!
This rule must work for every facilitator in Ukraine including my team.  
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